2)    MEET US AT OUR AIRPORT: Buy your round-trip ticket and fly back with your puppy (Tickets are under $350 on slow seasons).



·       Arrival times may be early afternoon or late evenings it depends on availability and/or our other flight bookings.

·       Shipping dates are subject to be changed or delayed at our discretion (for any situation that arises out of our control). 

·       If the buyer can’t come to the airport in person, send us an email to authorize someone else for pick up. This change must be made at least 24 hours prior to the delivery date.

·       After payment is received, we’ll email you the flight information, (pick up location, phone number, and confirmation, booking or waybill number within the next 24-72 hours. If we are using American Airlines, we will email you the waybill number after the puppy has been dropped off at the airport.

·       Based on our experience, airplane delivery is safe. We have been shipping puppies since 2007 and none of them have died during transportation. The puppy travels in a crate with plenty of space to stand, turn around, sleep and even play (Compared to the passenger’s area, pups have much more space than us). We include a small towel or a small matt on the bottom so the puppy will travel comfortably. The place where puppies travel is temperature and pressure controlled, your puppy usually sleeps most of the flight or plays when she/he is awake. We include a small bag of food outside and the airlines staff will supply with water at the connecting station and at the time of arrival if needed. We do not use sedatives (They are illegal and dangerous).


·       You can pick up the pup after 20-45 minutes of arrival time. Just Bring your ID & Confirmation or waybill Numbers to the airport and you keep the crate.

·       Depending on each airport, the pickup location could be either at the Cargo Office, Baggage Claims or Ticket Counter. Please call the airlines to find out where you should pick up your puppy.

·       Please inspect the documentations when receiving the puppy! Make sure you get the puppy’s health records (An orange envelope that travels with the dog).

1)   MEET US HALF WAY: For only $0.49 per mile “We can drive up to 500 miles, includes round trip” available for puppies priced at $900 or more.Google our zip code 78577 for distance.

2)    PET NANNY IN CABIN. (Ask for quote).


·       Please bring to the airport Nutri-Cal (High Calorie & Vitamins supplement) or an alternative supplement for puppies, just honey works great too. This will help to raise their glucose levels and avoid hypoglycemia, also consider to bring paper towel, some water, puppy food, baby wipes, newspaper, towel or any absorbent material to change the bedding, a blanket if temperatures are cold, and a towel.

·       Do not expect a 100% clean puppy. Puppies will do their business inside the crate if they have their needs. Once you get home, bathe the puppy (you may use a regular, non-medicated shampoo), dry well with a towel and may use a hair dryer (warm, if it’s set on hot, don’t get it too close). If the puppy seems a too stressed, just use some wipes or damp towel and bathe the next day.